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MakingMUSIC Curriculum Guides

The curriculum for the MakingMUSIC program is designed around the current National, State and Local standards in Music/Arts, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additional curriculum is available for the MakingMUSIC concert experience so teachers have opportunities to connect their students’ concert experiences directly to their classroom studies.

MakingMUSIC Curriculum Guide – Includes glossary of composition elements, music vocabulary list, lesson plans for the creating a Landfill Orchestra, worksheets and additional music/rhythm activities.

Landfill Orchestra Guide #2 – Simple lesson plans for creating a variety of DIY instruments out of food and other craft material (paper plates, toilet paper tubes, etc.)

VIDEO: Build Your Own Instrument Demos

MakingMUSIC Concerts

MakingMUSIC Concert FAQs (2019/20 Season)

MakingMUSIC 2019/20 Concert Guide – Includes program, listening notes, historical information, classroom activities and links to songs.

Concert Etiquette Activity – Worksheet for students and talking points for teachers about how to behave during a concert.

MakingMUSIC Ensemble Visits

MakingMUSIC Ensemble Visit Guidelines (2019/20 Season)

Coffee Concerts

Coffee Concert FAQs (2019/20 Season)

Chamber Ensemble Visits

Chamber Ensemble Visit Guidelines (2019/20 Season)