UpTempo:: Young Professionals Group of the LO - The Louisville Orchestra                

UpTempo:: Young Professionals Group of the LO


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Louisville Orchestra’s Young Professional Group

Under the direction of a steering committee, UpTempo is reaching out to new audiences for the Louisville Orchestra. The group is currently developing a series of introductory events to start to build our network of enthusiasts.

JOIN UpTEMPO for the 2017-2018 Season  ::  JUST $75 gets you connected.

Membership includes:

  • 3 Concert TICKETS :: Uptempo seating section

  • Pre-Concert Cocktails

  • Post-Concert Parties

  • Monthly Meetups


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Steering Committee

Colin Blake, president
Tiffany Ge, immediate past-president
Patrick Broderick, treasurer

Frank Austin ::  Regina Blake  :: Staci Campton ::  Kathleen Elliot  ::  Wes Fischer  :: Ankur Gopal ::   Brandon Sutton  ::  Maud Welch