COVID admittance protocols are in place for all performances of the Louisville Orchestra. Mandatory masking for everyone age 2 and above. Either proof of COVID vaccination or a negative PCR test within the last 72 hours must be presented with a government issued ID or parent/guardian authorization for children age 5 and up.

Health and Safety Guidelines

We are excited to welcome you back to live, in-person concerts! The health and safety of our community is an important consideration as we gather for performances. To operate with utmost concern and awareness of the current recommendations of health officials, the LO strives to react appropriately as the pandemic continues.

Due to the significant number of cases of COVID-19 cases in our community, the Louisville Orchestra has implemented policies and procedures to support the safety and health of our patrons, musicians, staff, and volunteers as we return to in-person concerts. Because the LO performs at various locations throughout the Louisville metro, please review the general guidelines and those that apply to specific venues as they may be different.

Vaccination, Testing, and Mask Policy
Playing Your Part
Security Screenings
Venue Sanitation
Playing Our Part
Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccination, Testing, and Mask Policy

Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test

Until further notice, proof vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test (only PRC tests accepted) must be presented by every person over age 5 years entering any venue where the Louisville Orchestra is performing. This policy includes the Iroquois Amphitheater and all indoor concert halls. Staff will be on hand at an identified station to review.

Vaccination cards must be presented. A photo of the vaccination card on a cell phone is also acceptable as long as the photo is clearly in focus. Please be prepared to verify your ownership of the vaccination card with a driver’s license or other legal identification.

Those who are unvaccinated (including children ages 5 to 12 years) will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours of entry. A photo of a negative test with proof of date will be accepted.

Vaccination and PCR Testing are available at a variety of community health centers. Here are a few available resources:
Norton Healthcare
Baptist Healthcare
The Little Clinic
U of L Health


Masking is mandatory at all performances and all venues for every person over age 2 years. Masks that cover the nose, mouth, and secure under the chin are required to be worn regardless of vaccination status. Masks should be at least 2 layers of breathable material fitting with loops behind the ears or neck and not contain mesh, valves, or holes. Individuals should bring their own masks and wear them upon entering the venue.

At Kentucky Performing Arts venues, beverages and snacks will be available. Masks may be temporarily removed while actively eating or drinking. At this time, drinks will be allowed in the audience seating areas. Other than those moments of active drinking,  masks are required to be in place during performances.

Anyone in violation of the venue policy will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Playing Your Part

Before You Arrive

If you are depending on a negative test result for admission, please allow enough time for the test results to be available. Check with the provider for details of test result delivery.

Please self-assess your health before leaving home. If you have a fever, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay at home and contact the ticket office.

Be sure to have your proof of vaccination or negative test and concert admission tickets with you or available digitally.

Bring your mask!

Bring only minimal personal items with you to expedite safety screenings. Please note that coat-check services will not be available.

Ensure that any children, regardless of age, are able to stay in their assigned seats for the duration of the performance.


Cashless transactions are encouraged at the Kentucky Center and Riverfront parking garages. Rates remain the same as in the 2019-2020 season. Event parking of $12 at the Kentucky Center Garage; $10 at the Riverfront Garage.

For information about parking at other venues, please contact the LO Patron Services at 502.587.8681. Most locations offer free and accessible parking.

At the performance

Performances are being sold at full capacity. Please be as respectful as possible when moving about the audience seating areas.

When entering the lobby area, restrooms, and other public spaces, please be aware of social distancing for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Programs will be available for self-service pick-up.

Kentucky Performing Arts venues will be touch-free ticketing for admission. However, other venues will require LO staff to collect your ticket because scanning is not available. If you need re-entry privileges, please speak to an usher before leaving.

After the performance

We cannot be responsible for contact tracing at performances, however, if you discover that you were contagious while attending a Louisville Orchestra performance, we ask that you let us know if possible.


All ticket holders will receive advance notice of the health and safety protocols in place for their concerts. Any policy or schedule changes will be shared as quickly and clearly as possible. If you share your ticket with someone else, please also share this information or direct them to this page for information.

Ticket returns due to illness or exposure to COVID-19 will be exchanged without incurring fees up to the day of the performance. Refunds must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. Call the LO Patron Services team at 502-587-8681.

If you have reviewed the health and safety policies and do not wish to comply with the current protocols, please contact our Patron Services team to discuss options for exchanges and returns. We are not able to offer exchanges or refunds on past performances.


Kentucky Performing Arts is implementing security screenings for admission to the Kentucky Center, The Brown Theatre, and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall in addition to the presentation of vaccination or negative COVID tests. Every person entering the venue is required to pass the security screening process (including children).

Starting in October 2021, all persons entering these venues will be checked by a magnetic hand-held metal detector and have bags examined before entering.

HANDBAG POLICY at The Kentucky Performing Arts venue (does not apply to LO community venues): “Clear bag” policy will be implemented to minimize touchpoints. Bags that are clear, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″ are approved to bring into KPA venues. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziplock bag or similar). Small clutch bag, which cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″ in size — with our without a strap or handle, is acceptable.
Prohibited items include: Purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, conch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags, or any bag larger than the permissible size.

In November 2021, walk-thru magnetometers will be installed. No-pause walk-thru devices will service The Kentucky Center. Pause-and-pass devices will service The Brown Theatre and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall. Bag inspections will not be necessary when using walk-thru devices.

Purses and other personal small bags are allowed after inspection. Oversized bags, luggage, and backpacks will not be permitted inside these venues. Diaper bags are permitted.

These procedures are additional best practices to ensure a safe and pleasant entertainment experience.

Items not permitted to bring into The Kentucky Center, The Brown Theatre, and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall: Absolutely no weapons are allowed inside the facility; illegal drugs or paraphernalia; cameras, video cameras, selfie sticks, or recording devices; animals other than service animals.

Venue Sanitation

Event employees and volunteers, performers, production, and administrative staff of both the venue and the Louisville Orchestra are required to be vaccinated (unless approved for medical or religious exemption).

The venues of the Kentucky Performing Arts are actively working toward GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, part of the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. Theaters, concert halls, and reception spaces will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected before each use. High-traffic areas and restrooms will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected often — several times during events with cleaning agents that kill the COVID-19 virus. In addition, KPA has enhanced HVAC filtration systems to meet the standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and installed Bi-Polar Ionizers in the HVAC units to maximize air purification and quality during circulation. There is 100% air exchange at least 4x per hour in all areas of the buildings.

Touchless at the KPA: credit card readers at food and beverage points of sale, ticket scanning, hand sanitization units, and drinking fountains.

Suspended at the KPA:  full menu offerings at SCENE, full drink selections, binocular and booster seat rentals, and coat check services.

Playing Our Part

Louisville Orchestra musicians and staff are fully vaccinated and a significant effort is underway to ensure the health and safety of everyone at our concerts.

Artists will be masked on stage unless their performance makes it necessary to unmask. Instruments that have demonstrated aerosol distribution will have bell covers. Seating on stage is modified to ensure that airflow is maximized for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. All venues for LO concerts have masks as mandatory for admission for all persons age 2 years and older.

What happens if I have already purchased a ticket and do not show proof of vaccination or negative test results?

Guests who cannot show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test will not be admitted to the concert venue. Requests for credits, exchanges, or refunds may be directed to the Louisville Orchestra Patron Services team at or by calling 502.587.8681 during business hours, Monday to Friday; 9AM to 5PM. All requests must be made in advance of the performance.

Additional restriction: Please note that the performance at Comstock Hall at UofL on Thursday, October 14 requires proof of vaccination only. Negative tests will not be accepted.

What happens if I am ill or quarantined?

Please self-check for symptoms of illness before coming to performances. If you find that you are ill or quarantined on the day of a concert, call 502.584.7777 up to the concert start time for options.

Is there social distancing at the theater?

Most venues are not requiring social distancing.

Comstock Hall at the UofL is the only venue currently seating with social distancing regardless of masking and vaccination status. This affects the LO performance on Thursday, Oct 14.

What test results can I use for entry to Louisville Orchestra concerts?

Only verifiable COVID-negative PCR test results issued from a medical laboratory will be accepted. Tests must date no earlier than 72 hours in advance of the performance. Self-administered antiviral tests will not be accepted.

When do the doors open for admission?

At Kentucky Performing Arts venues, the lobby will open 1.5 hours before all performances. The audience seating area will open 30 minutes before all performances. Please plan your arrival with ample time to manage the health screening process -- with additional time for all Kentucky Performing Arts venues for the security screening process.

Neighborhood venues for Music Without Borders series concerts will open 1 hour before the concert. The audience seating area will open 30 minutes before the concert.

Are children allowed to attend indoor concert?

Yes. Children are allowed and must follow these health protocols.

  1. Masking is mandatory for those age 2 years and older.
  2. A negative PCR test must be provided for those who are not vaccinated for ages 5 years and older. Please note that a negative test does not allow for admission at Comstock Hall at the UofL.
  3. Proof of vaccination may be provided.
  4. Rapid antigen tests will be available on-site for those who are unvaccinated.

As always, children of all ages are required to have a ticket for admission to all venues.

Are the concert locations sanitized?

The Kentucky Performing Arts venues are working toward accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. The standards include cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting high-traffic areas with agents that kill the COVID-19 virus. Touchless water fountains and ticket services are in place to increase safety. HVAC filtration systems in all KPA venues have been enhanced.

Other LO venues are operating at similarly high standards of sanitation.