Graham Parker, Interim Executive Director

Nathaniel Koch, Executive Administrator

Arricka Dunsford, Kentucky Tour Project Manager

Megan Giangarra, Office Administrator and Patron Services Associate

Artistic Operations

Open, Director of Artistic Operations

Jake Cunningham, Operations Manager

Adrienne Hinkebein, Director of Orchestra Personnel

Murphy Lamb, Personnel and Operations Assistant

Bill Polk, Stage Manager

Chris Skyles, Librarian

Creators Corps

Lisa Bielawa, Composer and Artist Leader

TJ Cole, Composer and Artist Leader

Tyler Taylor, Composer and Artist Leader

Jacob Gotlib, Creative Neighborhood Residency Program Manager

Learning and Community

Sarah Lempke O’Hare, Director of Education and Community

Jennifer Baughman, Learning and Community Coordinator

Allison Cross, State Community Partnerships & Engagement Manager

Elizabeth Etienne, State Community Partnerships & Engagement Manager


Open, Chief Development Officer

Edward W. Schadt, Director of Leadership Giving

Zaq Andel, Special Events Manager

Jessica Burleson, Grant Manager

Jonathan Wysong, Development Manager

Marketing and Communications

Michelle Winters, Director of Marketing 

Open, Marketing and Communications Strategist

Patron Services/Ticketing

Carla Givan Motes, Director of Patron Services

Shane Wood, Patron Systems Manager


Tonya McSorely, Chief Financial Officer

Stacey Brown, Controller

Cheri Reinbold, Staff Accountant