In Harmony – The Commonwealth Tour

From 2022 to 2024, under the dynamic leadership of Teddy Abrams, the orchestra embarked on a series of tours across Kentucky, leaving a lasting musical legacy. These tours not only showcased an exceptional blend of classical and contemporary music but also deepened our engagement with communities, reaching diverse audiences and fostering a renewed appreciation for orchestral music. This page encapsulates the significant impact of these tours, reflecting on audience feedback, demographic engagement, and the profound influence of music in enriching the cultural fabric of communities across the state, to bridge the urban-rural divide.


Total impact

127 Events • 38 Counties • 27,000 Attendees

Concert attendance

The “In Harmony Tour” stands as a vibrant testament to the power of music in uniting communities. So far spanning three months from May to September, the tour has touched 12 unique zip codes across the region, showcasing an array of venues from the cozy Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg to the sprawling Glasgow Town Square. The tour’s impact is impressively quantifiable: 12 concerts with a total attendance of 10,412. Noteworthy highlights include the overwhelming turn out at Glasgow Town Square with an estimated 1,750 attendees and the full-house at the Stephen Foster Amphitheater in Bardstown, indicating a profound resonance with the local communities. The Orchestra continues in 2024 for 6 additional concerts.

18 Concerts

18 unique zip codes

16k attendees

(Data includes concert dates and estimated attendance for upcoming concerts in 2024.)

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community partnerships

109 Events • 53 zip codes • 9.8k Attendees

The “In Harmony Tour” demonstrates a comprehensive and engaging approach to community partnerships through music, having connected with a variety of community centers across multiple cities. The tour highlights a remarkable journey of cultural enrichment and education across 53 unique zip codes. With a total of 78 events and 6,816 attendees, the tour emphasized educational engagement through 29 services in schools and educational institutions. The innovative “Once Up on an Orchestra” program was a hit, presented 26 times, blending music with storytelling in various settings. Additionally, 16 public performances and 7 private events, such as at Cedar Creek Assisted Living and veterans centers, showcased the tour’s versatility. This initiative not only entertained but also significantly contributed to community cohesion and cultural appreciation, illustrating the powerful impact of music and education in bringing communities together. The Louisville Orchestra continues in 2024 for 30 additional community events.

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2022-2024 Report

The Kentucky “In Harmony” tour is made possible through a partnership with the Kentucky General Assembly in conjunction with the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet.

Additional support from:
Eleanor Bingham Miller
Brook and Pam Smith
Lindy B. Street