MakingMUSIC Home Edition

Explore some music at home.
For you and for the young music lovers in your life.


Explore the story of PETER AND THE WOLF by Sergei Prokofiev.
The piece is beloved for its exciting story and for the depiction of the characters by clever tunes featuring specific instruments.

Peter ::  Strings
(violins, violas, cellos, basses)
Wolf :: Horn Trio
Cat ::  Clarinet
Bird :: Flute
Duck :: Oboe
Grandfather :: Bassoon
Hunters :: Timpani (kettle drums)

Listen to the music and the story by The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with conductor Bramwell Tovey as narrator.

Activity: Make your own puppet show. This website has a lot of activities for kids including a Peter and the Wolf puppet show.  Sarah Jane Studio
Activity: Download these activity pages: Peter and the Wolf matching page :: Peter and the Wolf coloring page  ::  Peter and the Wolf matching page 2

Landfill Orchestra

Get creative with a project that teaches conservation, creativity, and the scientific elements of sound.

Activity: Use items from your recycling bin to make musical instruments.


Here is a guide for some easy DIY instruments.

Bash the Trash has some How To videos for various difficulty levels.


The long-running MakingMUSIC Concert Series is an engaging and interactive educational experience for 4th and 5th graders. Available to students of Jefferson County and beyond, this program provides curated content that includes listening, curriculum, and activities guides committed to opening minds and hearts to the power of music. Our newly launched MakingMUSIC Home-Edition allows students and families to bring the concert stage to their homes.

Let’s get started! Check out the links and activities below.

To access more materials, including concert guides with embedded performances and much more, please link to our TEACHER RESOURCES page.

For an in depth MakingMUSIC curriculum guide click here.
Includes glossary of composition elements, music vocabulary list, lesson plans for the creating a Landfill Orchestra, worksheets and additional music/rhythm activities.