Gifts of Tribute and Honor

2020-21 Tribute Concert
Live online:  27 MARCH 2021 at 7:30pm EDT

The annual Louisville Orchestra Tribute Concert is presented online this season as we continue our Virtual Edition performances. We extend our gratitude to all those who contributed tribute gifts in support of this concert, as well as to those who made tribute gifts throughout the past year. Gifts made to the Louisville Orchestra in honor or in memory of others are a special way to support the orchestra and celebrate friends and family.

Your gifts made it possible for the music to keep playing this season despite the loss of some ticketing revenue. On behalf of Music Director Teddy Abrams and everyone at the Louisville Orchestra, we express our heartfelt gratitude and our best wishes for your health and safety.

These names* will also be listed in the online credits of our Tribute Concert: Ravel and the Power of Black Music featuring Teddy Abrams as soloist in the Piano Concerto by Maurice Ravel. The performance is also a tribute to Black composers and musicians whose talents influenced every facet of music in America. We hope you join us for the performance. LINK to details.

In Honor of Teddy Abrams
Jennifer Barger
Bert Griffin
Sue and Gary Russell

In Honor of Melanie and Steve Ahr
Clarence and Mary Barton

In Honor of Doris Anderson
Irene M. Rawlings

 In Memory of Mabel Arbogast
Carolyn Marlowe Waddell

In Honor of Julie and Bill Ballard
Bert Griffin

 In Memory of Elizabeth Bartelt
Phillip Bartelt

 In Memory of Graham E. Beard
Ms. Rebecca Bruner

 In Memory of Susan Overton Belcher
Alison Torpey

In Memory of Barry Bingham, Jr.
Mrs. Edith S. Bingham

 In Memory of Paul Brink
Louise and Jay Harris

In Memory of Bobby E. Campbell
Audrey Blair

 In Memory of Sue Causey
John and Theresa Bondurant
Louise and Jay Harris
Richard O. Spalding

 In Memory of Dr. Robert Deweese
Mrs. Carol Hebel
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn L. Ogden
Donald and Ann Kohler

 In Memory of Juanita Dunn
Debbie Dunn

In Honor of Jane Emke
Katherine Steiner

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gregory
Ed and Constance Gregory

In Honor of Dr. Misty Griffin
Bert Griffin

In Honor of Patrick and Kathleen Hammer
Ms. Patricia Read

In Memory of Barbara June Hammon
Stratton Hammon

In Memory of Edward Hampe
June Hampe

In Honor of Frank and Paula Harshaw
John and Theresa Bondurant
Dr. Carmel Person

In Memory of Charles W. Hebel, Jr.
Steve and Gloria Bailey
Richard Baker
David B. Baughman
Rita Jane Bell
Thomas and Julia Bell
Mr. Lee Benovitz
Carl Bensinger
Kendra Foster and Turney Berry
John and Theresa Bondurant
MJ Brinkworth
Brad and Carla Sue Broecker
Mary Broecker
Lucinda Calvert
Mr. Christopher Cashen
Gail Chowning
Pat Clements
Dr. Bobby M. Deweese
Nan Dobbs
Daniele Drexler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dunham
Shirley S. Engelhardt
Janet Falk
Klein Family Foundation
Kentucky Derby Museum
Kentucky Racing Health & Welfare Fund
KY Thoroughbred Owners
Allison Furnish
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Glasscock
Sandal H. Gulick
Bert Griffin
Donald C. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harbst
Marjorie Harbst
Louise and Jay Harris
Paula and Frank Harshaw
Joseph and Sissy Helm
Delta Zeta Alumnae
Meredith Hughes
Ms. Betsy Jane
Lisa Work and James Johnson
Dan and Lisa Jones
Carol Sharpe Harper, Spencer Harper III, and Grafton Sharpe Harper
Nathaniel Koch
Donald and Ann Kohler
Lynne G. Kelly
Andrew Kipe and Norman Morse
Barbara Knebelkamp
Yvonne B. Knight
Mary Celeste Lerman
Jeannie Livesay
Bruce Lunsford
Patricia McHugh
Susan S. Means
Sandra J. Metts
Mr. Edward Metzner
Jerry and Laura Miller
Mrs. Suzanne Milstead
Guy and Elizabeth Montgomery
Ms. Patricia McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Morris
Jamie Osborne
Don and Libbye Parkinson
Richard Peterson
Richard Riedel
Kevin Rogers
Clifford Rompf
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Rosky
Sue and Gary Russell
Katherine Russell
Rev. Edward W. Schadt
Denise Schiller
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Schmied
Daniel Schusterman
Jean and Bill Shewciw
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shiprek
Gary Smith
Mollie Smith
Carolyn Marlowe Waddell
Lynn Wangerin
Dr. Will W. Ward
Herbert Warren
Manning G. Warren III
Ronald and Elaine Weisberg
Mollie Whitelaw
Mrs. Joan T. Whittenberg
Lisa Work
Katherine Zoppoth

In Memory of Paul Hutcherson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Anderson

In Memory of Bob Ryan “The Smiling Irishman”
Karen R. Harris

In Memory of Lillian and Thomas C Copeland, Jr.
James and Carole Whitledge

In Memory of Mrs. Margaret Kammerer
Robert Richardson

In Honor of Mary Catherine Klan
Clyde and Elisabeth Foshee

In Honor of Donald Kohler
Stanley and Ellen Bayersdorfer

In Honor of the Louisville Orchestra Board of Directors
Bert Griffin

In Honor of the Louisville Orchestra Musicians
Bert Griffin
Sue and Gary Russell

 In Honor of the Louisville Orchestra Staff
Bert Griffin

 In Memory of Donna LaFollette
William Lafollette

In Memory of Chuck LeGette
Ms. Laura Lee Brown and Mr. Steve Wilson

In Honor of Andrea Saxon Levine
Samuel and Stephanie Levine

In Memory of Karen Lind
James and Rebecca King

In Honor of my parents, Elliott and Rena Marcus
Raulee Marcus

In Memory of Dr. S. Gerald Marx
Louise and Jay Harris

 In Memory of Dr. Daniel A. McAninch
John and Theresa Bondurant
Louise and Jay Harris
Patricia McHugh
Richard O. Spalding
Anne Marie de Zeeuw 

In memorial James Robert McGinty
Ken Hudson
Molly Koebbe
Juliette Murray

In Memory of Robin McNeil
Waverly and Brenda Townes

 In Memory of Francis H. Mitchell, Senior PhD
William Mitchell

In Honor of Libbye and Guy Montgomery
John and Theresa Bondurant

 In Memory of Allan Morris
Mrs. Carol Hebel

 In Memory of Mary Margaret Mulvihill
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Tanguay

 In Memory of Dr. David Neustadt
Carolyn Neustadt

 In Memory of Robert Nicols
Donald and Ann Kohler

 In Memory of Tinsley Nugent
Mr. Embry Rucker and Ms. Joan MacLean

 In Honor of the Opus 21 Society
Bert Griffin

In Honor of Donna Parkes
Phyllis Taylor

 In Memory of Caroline Pinne
Ms. Janice Bird

 In Memory of Roland W. Richmond, M.D.
The Caroline Christian Foundation
Fred Cowan
John Findling
Todd Graybill
Jean Major
Don Reiss
Richard Sandage

 In Honor of Denise C. Schiller
Miriam Ostroff

 In Honor of Winona and Joseph Shiprek
Steve and Gloria Bailey

 In Memory of Joseph and Dalen Small
Mr. Joseph Small

 In Memory of James Bradley Smith
Louise and Jay Harris
Ms. Susannah S. Onwood

In Memory of Cecile Marie Spalding
Jane Welch

In Memory of Brenda M. Steen
Robert Steen

In Honor of the Tiptons
Steve and Gloria Bailey

Katherine Giles Eirk Veazey
Mary and Houston Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Donan
Mrs. Carol Hebel

 In Memory of Samuel Craig Walker
Juanita and Craig Walker

In Honor of Richard and Mary Bert Wolf
Dr. Janice W. Yusk

In Memory of Mark Wolfe
Acme Lupine & Co.

In Honor of Keitt and Frank Wood
Frank S. Wood

In Memory of Dr. John C. Wright
Dr. Kay Roberts

We invite you to make a tribute gift to the Louisville Orchestra. Add your name and the name of the ones you love to this list by contributing HERE.

*Please note that donations received after March 19 cannot be included in the credits of the Tribute Concert