Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor, first violinist occupying the Clayton Pusateri Chair, has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra since 1978. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Mr. Taylor studied under Charles Everett, Jean Fournier, Peter McHugh, and Philip Ruder. He attended the University of Toledo and the University of Louisville where he studied applied music and violin, respectively.  In addition to his violin, he is also an excellent pianist. He operates his own business as a music specialist for events. His company SMT Music offers full music services for weddings and other private events.

An outdoor enthusiast, Mr. Taylor enjoys jogging, fishing, outdoor projects, and learning about solar energy, as well as composing, arranging, photography, and movies. His favorite musical duo is Simon & Garfunkel and his favorite composer is the French impressionist Claude Debussy. To Mr. Taylor, the most interesting aspect of being a musician is “… the diversity of music we play. I like the sound of a string section playing together, which creates a whole new sound with texture and unique color.” His advice for young musicians is to “Listen to music that excites and inspires you. Spend time with musicians who are your equal or better so you can learn from them. (Same goes for tennis!)”