Peter Searcy literally grew up in front of a mic stand. It seems like he’s been here forever because he has. He raged at punk clubs and rode the college rock wave before truly finding his groove as a singer-songwriter.

Having shared the stage with artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, John Hiatt and Bob Mould proves that Searcy is at home on any stage. You can count none other than Dave Grohl as one of his biggest fans. Upon meeting Peter, Grohl said it was like “meeting a legend” and a “huge influence”. He then invited Searcy onstage to perform one of Searcy’s own songs for the encore of a sold-out Foo Fighters show.

Love, loss, and redemption are at the heart of Peter’s writing. About his songs, he says, “It’s not my goal to reinvent the writing wheel. I just aim to put an honest twist on it”. You can hear that honesty, along with his trademark passion, in his early bands (Squirrel Bait, Big Wheel, and Starbilly) all the way through his solo work. Songs like “Losing Light Fast”, “Invent” have logged time on the radio charts and many of his songs have been featured in films and TV.

Peter continues to write and record new material. He is also a sought-after string arranger and producer. Collective Soul and Butch Walker are just some of the artists who have sought out his unique cello work.