Patricia Fong-Edwards

Patricia Fong-Edwards is a full-time violinist in the Louisville Orchestra (June 1997 – Present). She graduated from Grinnell College with a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (1989) and Northwestern University with a Master’s degree in Music Performance (1992). Previous to Louisville, Patricia was a member of the Colorado Springs Symphony (Associate Principal Second Violin and a Section First Violin, 1993-97). Fong-Edwards has performed as a soloist in the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs (Concertmaster, 1997), Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (Assistant Principal Second Violin, 1992-93), and our own Louisville Orchestra (NiteLites Concert in March 1998). In 1994, she performed overseas in Lil-hur (Nanking) by invitation of the Chinese Education Department to help raise school funds. She has also improvised with several LO colleagues during recent performances.

Fong-Edwards’ interests include vocals, piano, jazz composition, visual arts, writing and sports/nutrition. From 1999 to 2005, she was an active volunteer at Norton Healthcare participating in fundraising events, benefit concerts, and hospital visitations. She has also served as a performer and motivational speaker at the American Red Cross (911 blood drive), Heritage Christian School, St. Paul Methodist Church and Adult Catholics Together. Fong-Edwards aims to encourage adults and youth to “step out of their box,” discover their talents, and serve with creativity and confidence. Now a busy wife and mother, Patricia had taken a hiatus from active volunteer and public speaking. During this time she continues to write music and literature. She is in the process of completing her first jazz quartet composition for vocals and strings.