Notice to 2020-2021 Subscribers


Dear Friends,

At the Louisville Orchestra, we share your values of fearless exploration, joy and enthusiasm, compassion, learning, and most of all, love of music. These values are the foundation of everything we do. Even as we face a new era, we celebrate a rising tide of possibility. The LO’s Innovation Committee met throughout the summer to explore new ideas and figure out how to perform for you, safely and effectively in today’s world. Our response to the current reality is to make music more passionately than ever before. As musicians, we are creative optimists with the drive to raise up humanity. It’s time to reimagine and innovate!

We come to you with the news that we are ready to launch our reinvented SEASON OF INNOVATION.  The previously announced indoor concerts for the fall season (Sep-Dec) must be revised to accommodate our times. However, the great news is that we will continue to bring music to our community and invite you to join the adventure.

While we await the opportunity to bring back live concerts, we embrace the technology that will bring us to you — and to the rest of the world. We take our concerts to the virtual stage and offer subscriptions to the “Louisville Orchestra Virtual Edition” online. Our new video channel will launch on SEP 15.

Mark your calendars for these performances that will be streamed LIVE online at 7:30pm on our new video channel:

Saturday, October 3  ::  BEETHOVEN’S EROICA
Saturday, November 21 :: AMERICAN SOUL

Tell the ticket office that you want the value of your tickets to the canceled fall concerts applied to the Louisville Orchestra Virtual Edition in your season account for just $99 and view our concerts online. Use your computer, tablet, phone, or even your Smart TV for unlimited access.  You will be able to see these concerts live and can also view them later at your convenience. Plus, like your favorite farm box, we’ve reaped a bountiful harvest of lifestyle content including interviews, explorations of music and musicians, and ensemble performances for your enjoyment. Your LO Virtual Edition is a dynamic complement to your concerts online. We will send full instructions to access all online concerts after your purchase.

In addition to creative music-making, we are committed to a season of giving. We are creating new educational content to support our schools and young musicians, and launching wellness and immunity-enhancement projects to benefit frontline providers and at-risk people. These and other innovations give us the opportunity to reach more people than ever before with the joy of music. Your partnership is more vital now than at any time in our history.

Thank you for your support of the Louisville Orchestra during these uncertain times. We look forward to sharing music and community with you.

Teddy Abrams                                   Lee Kirkwood
Music Director                                   Chair, Board of Directors