Musician Spotlight Kimberly Tichenor

Meet Ms. Tichenor on Friday at 10AM or Saturday  at 6:45PM at the LO Concert Talk with Daniel Gilliam host of Classical 90.5FM WUOL .

Thank you all for supporting your Louisville Orchestra!

I have been a member of the second violin section since 2000 and Assistant Principal Second Violinist since 2010. I also represent our musicians as Co-Chair of the Louisville Orchestra Musicians’ Committee, which is a distinct honor and responsibility in itself.

I feel lucky to share the stage with my amazing colleagues in this crazy ride that is being part of the Louisville Orchestra! We never know what new challenges we will be facing from week to week, and I am constantly impressed by the sheer artistry and agility that our musicians demonstrate on a consistent basis. It takes a huge effort and many, many hours to prepare and perform the wide variety of music we present; I don’t know of any orchestra that keeps it nearly as interesting as the LO! While it is bittersweet to think of the musicians that we have lost to other orchestras, we are so fortunate to have so many fresh faces joining our ranks.

Brahms Symphonies are works that we collectively have spent countless hours mastering. Having served as Union Steward during auditions for a wide variety of instruments, Brahms Symphonies are used to judge the caliber and capabilities of each and every instrument. From Bass Trombone to the violins, Brahms created demands for each instrument. Each time we approach these works, we are comforted by familiarity like that of an old friend — but these works never seem to get easy! I am very much looking forward to presenting this work with my seasoned and new friends at the LO, our ensemble again breathing new life into an old favorite.