Michael Chmilewski

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, bassist Mike Chmilewski has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra since September 1976. Mr. Chmilewski attended Indiana University where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Math, and the University of Louisville (MBA).  He studied under Murray Grodner, Gary Karr, and Carolyn White. In his free time, Mr. Chmilewski enjoys playing basketball, gardening, Sudoku, and computer games.  His favorite musical artist is bassist and composer Edgar Meyer and his favorite composer is Johannes Brahms. To Mr. Chmilewski, the most interesting aspect of being a musician is “Getting to play many styles of music with an array of artists.” His piece of advice for young musicians is to follow his lead in expanding their education. “Music is a tough business- [you should] have a fallback vocation. Double major in college.”