Louisville Broadcast


Musicians of all ages performing outdoors

Contact: Jacob Gotlib | jgotlib@louisvilleorchestra.org 

Louisville Broadcast  — presented by the Louisville Orchestra and composed by LO Creators Corps resident composer Lisa Bielawa — integrates music and contemporary urban life beyond the concert hall tradition on a huge scale. This 45-minute site-specific performance will engage multiple musical communities and celebrate the public life that now animates the city of Louisville, KY. It will be free to the public and happen around and among the regular public uses of city space without any added electrical equipment, seating, or ticketing.

Louisville Broadcast will involve hundreds of professional, amateur, and student musicians of all ages and backgrounds. Multiple musical groups will participate, including students from the Louisville Academy of Music; bands and orchestras from several JCPS schools; Louisville Classical Academy’s Chime Choir; Louisville Civic Orchestra; the University of Louisville School of Music Orchestra; VOICES of Kentuckiana; the Louisville Leopards; and more. Lisa Bielawa will compose music customized for each group’s instrumentation and playing ability. She will also map out an individual “movement path” throughout the sites for each ensemble.

For this performance, we are inviting anyone who likes to sing to join The Town Criers, a community of singers coming together expressly for the event. No musical experience or training required! Sign up here.

Don’t want to sing but want to contribute your words to be sung? Answer the questions here and your words might be part of the performance!

Make Your Voice Heard!

Click here to sign up and submit your responses by March 15, 2023.

Two performances will take place on Sunday, April 23, 2023:

1. Shelby Park (600 E. Oak St.), 11:30 AM

2. Big Four Bridge (1101 River Rd.), 7:00 PM

In case of rain, the performances will be rescheduled to Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Watch this space for audio “teaching tracks” for the Town Crier parts, PDFs of the sung texts, and more…