Louisville Broadcast: Town Criers Learning Tool

Hello Town Criers, and welcome to your LEARNING TOOL!

Here are the parts you can sing. Scott Leger will be your horn leader, and he will know when to start and stop, how many times to play things, and play along with you, of course.

My friend Tyler and I recorded some basic audio tracks to help you remember what we sang together and prepare for our big weekend together!

Following along on your PDF score:


At 01:30 in Letter A is our opening CHORAL CLOUD:


Here are Verse 1 and Verse 2 of our “We would play” song in Letter B:



Then at Letter C, we rest for a minute, after which we sing our boxes at 05:00, like this:


And from there, we go straight into Letter D, which will sound something like this:


…and from there, straight into Letter E, which we will do THREE TIMES:


At Letter F, we walk up the ramp, then at Letter G, we start with our “River” questions, like this:


After a couple of minutes just like that, those of you who want to sing melodies in F minor for a minute or so can choose from one of these or make up your own:


And just for fun, here is what the whole thing might sound like all together:


We walk again during Letters H and most of Letter I, but at 17:30, we sing our “Again”s and “Changing”s:


And then we have our little “neighbors” song every time we hear our special cue! (Scott will know what to do, just watch him!) Here is the version we learned together, with most of you on the melody and some lower voices singing the bass part:


… and since some of you asked about the harmony, I’ve created a version that includes all of the different harmonies in the original score – add them if you like!:


When we move on to Letter K, we start the same way but SLOWER and go straight into our crazy fast singing, like this:


…and then we walk some more, greeting other groups with our “We Say Hi”s:


At some point, Scott will tell you that it’s the LAST TIME for “We Say Hi,” and you will sing this version instead:


Then we move very soon into our “My voice is enough” CHORALE, which we learned in parts!:


This is followed by Letter M, which is another MELODIC CLOUD with words of your choice, and will sound something like this (but might be longer! And might happen a couple of times):


During Letters N and O and most of P, you can walk towards either of the growing groups of musical people in opposite directions (you will see and hear them!) and join them in singing this melody if you like:


When you reach the groups, they will be playing/singing this CANON most of the time, interrupted periodically by drums but starting up again:


And if you want to, you can add some of those little phrases on the last page, which would sound something like this:


That’s the whole show! Let us know if you have any questions, and happy practicing!