In Harmony Sample Email Draft

Please feel free to use the sample draft below to email your Legislator. You are welcome to send as is written or modify as you see fit. Please be sure to update the bolded words with your Senate or House Representative’s information, residential district, and any personal detail you would like to include.


Subject: Support Continued Funding for the “In Harmony – The Commonwealth Tour”

Dear [Legislator’s Name],

As a resident of [Your Location] and a supporter of cultural enrichment initiatives, I am reaching out to advocate for the “In Harmony – The Commonwealth Tour” performed by the Louisville Orchestra. This program plays a crucial role in enriching our communities, offering joy, inspiration, and a sense of unity to people of all ages through the power of music.

[Please consider sharing any observations or general impressions about the cultural and social impacts of the In Harmony Tour.]

The “In Harmony” tour represents more than a sequence of musical performances; it stands as a vibrant celebration of our collective cultural heritage and the unifying force of music. The continuation of funding for these tours is vital for sustaining their ability to deliver these enriching experiences to our communities, making live, accessible music an enduring part of our cultural landscape.

I strongly encourage you to support the ongoing state funding for the “In Harmony – The Commonwealth Tour.” This will enable the Louisville Orchestra to persist in its mission to spread joy and foster a sense of community through music throughout Kentucky.

Thank you for considering this important cause and for your dedication to serving our community.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]



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