(12 OCT 2018),   Crosley Radio, a leading audio brand since launching its first radio in the 1920s, has collaborated with the Louisville Orchestra to press the orchestra’s first vinyl album in 30 years. Crosley and The Louisville Orchestra have pressed 500 LPs of the album “All In,” making this release a limited-edition collector’s item. In addition, Crosley Radio has created a custom turntable that features the Louisville Orchestra.



The Louisville Orchestra has a long history of releasing award-winning music with over 100 albums released on vinyl throughout the 1940s and 1980s. Due to loss of funding, producing vinyl albums took a backseat for the last 30 years until Crosley and the Orchestra explored a partnership to produce “All In” on vinyl.

“We are always looking to connect the Crosley brand to all areas of the music industry and when the opportunity to partner with a local organization as prestigious as the Louisville Orchestra presented itself, there was no question about what to do,” said Crosley artist and entertainment director, Jeff Parrish. “Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra are highly esteemed by peers and patrons in the classical music space and this partnership will be mutually beneficial in more ways than one.”

“All In” debuted on CD and streaming in September of 2017 where it saw great success including the number one spot on the Billboard classical list for two weeks in a row. A vinyl release was not originally in the plan, however, when Teddy Abrams proposed the idea to Crosley, the plan was immediately set into motion for a 500 LPs high quality, limited edition issue of the Louisville Orchestra’s album.

“The Louisville Orchestra and I are deeply grateful to Crosley for partnering with the Orchestra to release our album “All In” on vinyl,” said Louisville Orchestra music director, Teddy Abrams. “As a local company with global reach, Crosley has been a tremendous, positive force in the Louisville music community, and the company’s vision to reconnect the modern LO with its history of seminal vinyl records is absolutely extraordinary. We are very excited to share our music on this classic and beautiful medium, and we thank Crosley for making it possible.”