Support Teddy’s Vision for Louisville

We invite you to support Teddy’s vision for a creative future in Louisville. Building on the innovative programs that earned him the Musical America Conductor of the Year 2022 Award, Teddy’s goal is to make Louisville a center for innovation in music and music education.

Within that goal, Teddy and the Louisville Orchestra will continue creating programs that include and represent all people in Louisville, fostering connections amongst our citizens and generating pride and support for our arts community. Promoting community through music is vital to a thriving city, and Teddy is excited to continue that innovative journey here in Louisville.

All of this is possible with the support of individuals, corporate sponsors, foundations, and LO-associated groups like Opus ’21, the ALO, and UpTempo. You’ve helped us survive and be flexible during this unprecedented health crisis, and your support lays a solid foundation for that creative vision. Please share in the dream.