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Music Without Borders: Bridging Beats

Friday, April 12, 2024 7:30pm

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Experience the groundbreaking fusion of classical and hip-hop at “Music Without Borders: Bridging Beats,” led by Teddy Abrams and featuring the Louisville Orchestra Rap School. This innovative concert showcases the collaboration between the Louisville Orchestra and Hip-Hop N2 Learning (HHN2L), bringing to the stage vibrant rap performances, “Crown” and “Rumble” written by the Real Young Prodigys performed alongside the full orchestra. Highlighting the evening are compositions by Tanner Porter and Alex Berko from the LO Creators Corps, alongside classics by Leonard Bernstein and W.A. Mozart, culminating in a dynamic blend of music that transcends genres. Join us for an unforgettable evening that celebrates the unity and creativity of music across boundaries.

Teddy Abrams, conductor
Louisville Orchestra Rap School


leonard bernstein – Three Dance Episodes from *On the Town*

Experience the vibrancy of New York City through Bernstein’s iconic score, capturing the essence of love, loneliness, and the bustling life in Times Square during 1944.

Three Dance Episodes from *On the Town*
I. The Great Lover
II. Lonely Town (Pas de deux)
III. Times Square: 1944

Tanner porter – Back at it

“As a string player,” says Tanner Porter, “I love exploring harmonies that incorporate alternative open-string tunings, and have been reminded of the beautiful tuning variations of the Mountain Dulcimer these last months in Kentucky. For fun one night, I set out to explore a dulcimer-esc DAD tuning on my cello, with the drone of the DA below, and the melody above itIt was the first time in a long time that I’ve tried writing at the cello, which was once my primary tool for composing, but has gathered dust in recent years. I was struck by the chaos, joy and anxiety of old muscles picking up where they left off, remembering and relearning what was once familiar— the feeling of suddenly being thrown back into something. The mixed-meter melody that I wrote that night became the foundation of this piece, with the DA drone still sitting beneath it throughout the piece.”

Alex Berko – unstrung

Unstrung is a deconstructed bluegrass tune. Traditionally speaking, string instruments (bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle) comprise the heart and soul of the sound. I was interested in the hallmark techniques associated with these instruments and the bluegrass sound: plucking, strumming, and chopping. I decided to bring these characteristics to the forefront while maintaining the spirit of the music. I imagined taking off the strings and putting them back together again.

mozart – Symphony No. 38 in D major, K. 504 “Prague”

Revel in the elegance and complexity of Mozart’s “Prague” Symphony, a masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences with its beauty and brilliance.

Symphony No. 38 in D major, K. 504 “Prague”
– I. Adagio – Allegro
– II. Andante
– III. Presto

Teddy Abrams: “Rap” from The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

Featuring the LO Rap School Students, this piece pays homage to the legendary Muhammad Ali, blending classical motifs with the contemporary energy of rap.

“Rap” from *The Greatest: Muhammad Ali*
Performed by LO Rap School Students

Real Young Prodigys: Crown & Rumble

Arranged by Gabriel Globus-Hoenich and performed by the LO Rap School Students, these pieces showcase the talent and creativity of the next generation, infusing classical music with the raw power and rhythm of rap.

Arranged by Gabriel Globus-Hoenich
Performed by LO Rap School Students



Special thanks to our MWOB series sponsor Jim and Irene Karp and Heaven Hill Brands

Lead Funding for LOCC provided by: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Additional significant support provided by:
Owsley Brown II Family Foundation
Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation
William M Wood Foundation
William and Susan Yarmuth
Edie Nixon
Ted and Mary Nixon

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St. Vincent De Paul Family Success Center
1029 South Preston St.
Louisville, KY 40203 United States

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