Charles Brestel

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Charles Brestel, second violinist occupying the Patricia Ann Jenkins Endowed Chair, has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra since 1976. Mr. Brestel studied music theory at the University of Louisville and studied with from Paul Kling and Peter McHugh, among others. Outside of rehearsing and performing, Mr. Brestel enjoys reading, audio electronics, and restoring/collecting stereo equipment from the 60’s and 70’s. His favorite musical group is the LaSalle String Quartet and his favorite composer is Alban Berg. To Mr. Brestel, the most fulfilling aspect of being a musician is “…the many excellent and dedicated orchestra musicians I have worked with during my time in the Louisville Orchestra.”  Known for his dry sense of humor, when asked his counsel for young musicians Mr. Brestel’s advice sounds like the voice of unfortunate experience; “When you place your instrument on the roof of your car while you unlock the door; always remember to place your instrument in the car before you drive away.”