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    Starting one hour before the concert, the free LO Concert Talk offers insights about the upcoming performance. Local experts, musicians, guest artists and sometimes Teddy Abrams joins the discussion host for a 30 minute preview.


Explore the programs available to your students.

MakingMUSIC – Literacy and Math :: Concert Hall Program

MakingMUSIC concerts are designed to introduce the orchestra experience to 4th and 5th-grade students at the historic Brown Theatre. Learn more and sign up here.

MakingMusic Ensemble Visit :: In-School Program

Louisville Orchestra chamber ensembles are available to present programs related to the MakingMUSIC concert.  Instrument demonstrations are presented in the classroom followed by the chamber concert.

Recommended Grades:  4th and 5th-grades only

Dates:  September – December 2017

Time:  9:30am – 11:00am

Duration:  Approximately 90 minutes

Cost:  $550-$1000

(FREE for all JCPS  Elementary Schools A – J; 4th and 5th-grade students only)


Teddy’s Kids

This program gives 4th and 5th-grade students the opportunity to learn to conduct with the LO’s Music Director Teddy Abrams.  As part of their participation in the MakingMUSIC concerts, each school will select one student to represent them at the concert.  Two conducting sessions with Teddy Abrams will be scheduled for these students ahead of MakingMUSIC concerts for them to learn one piece that will be performed at these concerts.  These students will have two one-hour sessions with Teddy to learn to conduct this piece as well as the basics of conducting and when they attend their specific MakingMUSIC concert, they will join Teddy on stage to conduct the Louisville Orchestra. Please email by January 15, 2017, with your student nomination.

Landfill Orchestra

As part of MakingMUSIC, 5th-grade students focus on creating original instruments from found/recycled objects to create the “Landfill Orchestra”. Building rhythms and/or adapting reading materials into a musical rhythm, students can also explore creating melodies with their new instruments. Students can also create more complicated math sentences using different time signatures and explore performing as smaller (chamber) and larger (entire class) ensembles. They can also improvise as the ensembles can be interchangeable. Students are encouraged to bring their Landfill Orchestra instruments to the MakingMUSIC concerts to play along to a specific piece during the performances. With funding partner Fifth Third Bank, the Landfill Orchestra was piloted in 2014/15 with Hartstern Elementary. New community partners include ReStore/Habitat for Humanity who has provided access to materials to build these instruments. This program is open to any school who would like to participate and the curriculum is available in the MakingMUSIC curriculum guide.

Coffee Concerts 

These public concerts are open to Middle and High School students who are ready for the full-length concert experience.  Concert Previews gives students the chance to learn about the concert program including history, composers, and musical genres.  Online Curricular Connections study guides are specific to each Coffee Concert and can be found here.

Recommended Grades:  6 to 12


WHY BEETHOVEN? – OCT 13, 2017   || Link to Study Guide
TCHAIKOVSKY VIOLIN CONCERTO – JAN 12, 2018  || Link to Study Guide
WAR + PEACE – Jan 13, 2018  || Link to Study Guide
THE PLANETS:  AN HD ODYSSEY – FEB 23, 2018  || Link to Study Guide   SOLD OUT!
PLAY: FESTIVAL OF AMERICAN MUSIC – APR 6, 2018  || Link to Study Guide
BEETHOVEN PIANO CONCERTO – APR 27, 2018 || Link to Study Guide
THE RITE OF SPRING – MAY 11, 2018  || Link to Study Guide

Concert Talks:  10AM, reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance
Performance Time:  11AM

Location:  Whitney Hall, Kentucky Center for the Arts

Duration:  70 minutes, no intermission

Cost:  $10 per student, 1 FREE chaperone for every 10 students, additional chaperones $10

Reserve Seats Today: LINK to RSVP FORM or contact (be sure to indicate if you wish to attend the Concert Talks when you make your reservations)

Open Rehearsals

Introduce your students to the rehearsal process with this behind-the-scenes experience. Students will get the unique opportunity to watch the music unfold as they see guest artists up close and hear comments from the conductor.

Recommended Grades:  9-12

Dates:  Please contact for specific date availability

Times:  9:30am – 12:00pm or 1:30pm – 3:30 pm, depending on rehearsal schedule

Location(s):  Whitney Hall

Duration:  Approximately 2.5 hours

Cost:  $0 per student – reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance of requested rehearsal observation.  Limit of up to 60 total (including chaperones).

Call to book today:  502.585.9426


Chamber Ensemble Visit  :: In-School Program

Louisville Orchestra chamber ensembles are available to visit your school!

Recommended Grades:  K-12

Dates:  September-December; March and April, subject to ensemble availability

Time:  Varies, subject to ensemble availability

Duration:  45 minutes

Cost:  $550-$1000


Individual Masterclasses / Ensemble Coaching Sessions :: In-School

Louisville Orchestra musicians are available to visit instrumental programs for individual masterclasses. Ensemble coaching sessions may include but are not limited to: masterclass lectures, performances, evaluation/adjudication for ensemble contests, professional development for directors, rehearsal techniques, etc. This may be in conjunction with a chamber ensemble visit.

Recommended Grades:  6-12

Dates:  September-December; March and April, subject to ensemble availability

Time:  Varies, subject to ensemble availability

Duration:  up to 2 hours

Cost:  $300-$1000 depending on individual or ensemble requested

Call to book today:  502.585.9426

Abrams’ Kids

In 2017/18, the Louisville Orchestra will continue the ground-breaking program for incoming juniors and seniors in high school; Abrams’ Kids.  This intensive mentorship program includes at least once per month meetings with Louisville Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams as well as ongoing opportunities to job shadow LO musicians and administrative staff.  Students who are accepted into this program will receive a Louisville Orchestra Hall Pass that gives access to all LO Classics, Pops and Music Without Borders concerts throughout the 2017/18 season.   Students who are accepted into the program must be members in good standing of their school’s performing arts program(s) and will be expected to attend all scheduled meetings as well as give a minimum of four volunteer hours for the season.  Students will be required to provide their own transportation to and from performing venues as well as meeting locations.  Students who apply for this mentorship program should be serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts.  Meetings with Teddy will include opportunities to discuss college options (what to look for, specific programs, in-state vs. out-of-state, etc.), summer music programs, learning about composition, collaboration, and improvisation as well as ongoing projects about the role of an orchestra in the 21st century.  Students will also be required to report regularly to their peers through their school music program about their experiences.