100%!! An Education Goal Achieved

Each year for more than 70 years, the Louisville Orchestra has presented MakingMUSIC — our educational concerts for school children. Four years ago, we made it a priority to ensure that every 4th Grade student in a Jefferson County Public School would have the opportunity to hear either a full orchestra concert or an in-school concert with one of our seven small ensembles. And for the fourth consecutive year, we have reached 100% of the 92 JCPS elementary schools.

Because these are not programs that are open to the public, not many people get the chance to witness the incredible energy and excitement of these concerts. We are so privileged to witness the alternating rapture and fidgets of the children throughout these events. If we could capture the spirit of fun in the room and the crazy enthusiasm of cheering standing ovations, we could light up the city!

Everyone knows that education is expensive and we could not achieve this success without the support of many. Costs include theater and music rentals, transportation for the students, general operating funding that pays the musicians and other staff involved in these productions. We would like to thank JCPS for consistent support.

Started by Music Director Robert Whitney in the 1940s, these concerts are part of what it means to be a Louisvillian — creative, energetic, and engaged. Some people have enjoyed life-long love of orchestral music that started at these concerts — an experience that happens every year with the students attending MakingMUSIC at the Louisville Orchestra.

We are committed to continuing this important program.

If you would like to join us, we welcome your gift in honor of MakingMusic, Robert Whitney and the musicians of the Louisville Orchestra.

Thank you for allowing us to serve.

Online donations are gratefully accepted. Link Here.