Our Thanks

Dear Friends,
Your Louisville Orchestra has a lot to be thankful for this year. We’ve just settled into our new office at 624 West Main Street, we welcome several exceptional new musicians to the orchestra, our staff has grown over the last few months to meet the challenge of redefining how an orchestra serves its community and we have a season full of amazing concerts to share with you. This is all possible because of you!

Vibrant arts communities rely on support from several sources, but the benefits of providing experiences that transcend differences and bring us closer as a community are numerous and impactful. You are one of our most valued supporters, and we hope that the vision of generating an explosion of creativity this year will inspire more generosity. As we go into another season of giving, we want to say thank you! Will you stand with us again this year, joining in the momentum and excitement that comes with an orchestra committed to moving forward?
Teddy Abrams