Help us build an even greater Orchestra – an even greater community.

Bold concert programs, free public performances, special events, music festivals, and wide-ranging community and educational outreach have sparked a creative renaissance in Louisville as Teddy and the Louisville Orchestra help make our region a desirable and profitable place to live, work and be educated. Abrams and the LO have launched the next chapter in the story of a great orchestra. A story that will become even greater only with your help.

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Louisville has always been a remarkable, culturally rich, unique community and the Louisville Orchestra, established in 1937, has long been a valuable community partner and asset. Our history of providing exceptional entertainment and artistic enrichment to our friends and neighbors throughout the years not only makes us proud, but it makes us a cornerstone institution—reliable, connected and key to the strength of so many other arts organizations in our great city. But relying on past recognition and achievement isn’t enough for us or for the arts in our city, so we’re making plans to create an even more remarkable Orchestra future.

When you contribute, you’re continuing an incredible legacy of generosity. Join the ranks of citizens in our community, from our past and our present, committed to the knowledge that a vibrant and growing city requires a vibrant and permanent orchestra. Thank you.