Health and Safety at LO performances

Healthy audience. Healthy orchestra.

There was a moment of joy and optimism as we announced the new season but that’s been tempered by the surge of COVID cases in our community. To get back to that optimism, we are planning to have a wonderful series of concerts this fall but the LO will comply with the local standards for health and safety for performances. For all Louisville Orchestra events, your admission will be subject to presenting either a record of full vaccination or negative COVID test results no older than 72 hours. This applies to all persons over the age of 5 years.

This policy is based on the recommendation of our medical advisors as well as our security advisors who will check credentials as well as verify authenticity at each performance. Masking is mandatory at all performances until further notice for everyone over the age of 2 years.

Many precautions are in place to ensure the health of the Louisville Orchestra musicians. We are just short of 100% vaccination status plus all musicians provide 2 negative tests during concert weeks to ensure safe rehearsals as well as performances. Our performance halls and stage areas have been maximized for healthy airflow, instruments that need to be masked have custom-made bell covers, and musicians are masked on stage as much as their performance permits.

To read our current COVID admission policy and details on the enhanced sanitation processes now in place at various venues, click on this link.

Concerns for Safety.

Screening for weapons will be required for admission to all Kentucky Performing Arts venues — The Kentucky Center, The Brown Theatre, and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall. The Kentucky Center will be installing walk-thru magnetometers that will not require an individual to pause in the process. Until that time, patrons will be wanded upon entry. A private area will be available for anyone needing additional or individual screening. Until the walk-thru magnetometers (Nov 2021) are in place, manual bag checks will be part of the admission process for those venues. New handbag restrictions will be implemented at these venues as well, click on this link for details.