Louisville Orchestra Virtual Edition

Enjoy your local farm box delivery? Then you’ll love our “locally grown” digital series that brings you the talents of the LO musicians and Teddy Abrams. Your Louisville Orchestra Virtual Edition (LOVE) includes live streaming and on-demand concerts, interviews, ensemble performances, and other videos that are local and entertaining. Our goal is simply to delight you!

We present our episodes through an online OTT (Other Than Television) service provided by “Vimeo.” Visit the LOVE site at LouisvilleOrchestra.vhx.tv  and check out the “Browse” link for a view of all the available purchase options.

What You’ll Find:

  1. LOVE Spring Season — This $75 package includes all four of the concerts we perform this spring. When you purchase this package, you can see them live (streamed online) or watch the concerts later at your convenience. The live performances are re-mastered and released 13 days later for on-demand viewing. The on-demand concerts are available for 45 days so you can watch as often as you like. The LOVE Spring Season pass also includes solo and small ensemble performances by LO musicians and guest performers. Interviews and discussions with guest artists by Teddy Abrams and Bob Bernhardt are featured.
  2. Pick and Choose the concert(s) you wish to see for $20 per view. Purchase the live concert or purchase the on-demand video — your choice!

How to view your subscription:

  1. Go to LouisvilleOrchestra.vhx.tv. Create your account and password with your preferred email address.
  2. Always use the same email address to open your account (for example, if you have your Google Chrome open in a different Gmail account, you will have trouble getting to your pre-purchased episodes.)
  3. If you have the LOVE Spring Season, go to the link titled SPRING 2021 SEASON. All your videos and live concerts will be inside that package. (If you try to open one of the individual concerts, the site will try to charge you again.) You can find the LOVE Spring Season package at the “Browse” link on the homepage or at the bottom of the homepage. Think of your LOVE Spring Season as a box that opens to reveal your concerts and videos.
  4. Use this same link every time to get to your LOVE Spring Season. Then select the episode you wish to view.
Louisville Orchestra Virtual Edition may be viewed on devices (computer, laptop, phone) with these browsers:
Google Chrome, Version 69+ (Operating Systems: OSX, Windows, Android)
Mozilla Firefox, Version 58+ (Operating Systems:  OSX, Windows)
Safari, Version 10+ (Operating Systems: OSX, iOS)
Microsoft Edge 15+ (Operating Systems: Windows)
If your Smart TV is equipped with any of these browsers, it may be possible for you to view these performances on your television. Link here for more details.
Browsers will NOT display our online concerts: Bing, Yahoo!, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Sea Monkey, Nintendo, Linux

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