Landfill Orchestra

The Louisville Orchestra’s Landfill Orchestra project was originally inspired by The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura in Cateura, Paraguay. Check out this 60 Minutes story about the “original” Landfill Orchestra.

VIDEO: The Recyclers: From Trash Comes Triumph

Create Your Own Instrument

Students of all ages are encouraged to use recycled-content and multi-use materials to create musical instruments. Instruments should reflect, interpret, or depict the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Visit the below links for inspiration and guides to creating your own Landfill Orchestra instrument.

Landfill Orchestra Guide #1 – Material ideas

Landfill Orchestra Guide #2 – Simple lesson plans for creating a variety of DIY instruments out of food and other craft material (paper plates, toilet paper tubes, etc.)

VIDEO: Build Your Own Instrument Demos

Parents/Guardians – We’d love to see what your student creates! Please email a photo to Jenny Baughman, Learning and Community Coordinator. Please provide their name, age, grade and name of school. Also, if the photo features your student’s face, please include a note that you grant parental permission for use by the LO.

If you have questions about our education and outreach programs or the Landfill Orchestra, please email Jenny Baughman.