Daniel Kassteen

Originally from Parsippany, NJ, Trumpeter Dan Kassteen has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra since 2002. Dan attended the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University, and Rutgers University and earned his Music Performance BM, MM. Mr. Kassteen studied with  Peter Bond (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra), Michael Sachs and James Darling (Cleveland Orchestra), Steven Hendrickson (National Symphony Orchestra), William Fielder, Chris Gekker, and John Martin.

In his free time, Mr. Kassteen enjoys attending live concerts, painting, “cheffing up new grilling sensations”, exercising, mountain biking, and gardening. His favorite musicians include Kathleen Battle, Cecilia Bartoli, Glen Gould, Wynton Marsalis, Phil Smith, Rihanna and counts his favorite composer as W.A. Mozart. To Mr. Kassteen, being a musician is simply who he is, rather than what he does.  He comments, “I’ve never worked a day in my life.” Dan’s advice for young musicians is powerful. “If you want to sit on stage and perform in a professional orchestra like me, then I have a few pieces of advice: (1) be honest with yourself, can you carry a tune? Your ear is your most valuable tool. (2) Desire, Dedication and Determination = Destiny. I’ve devoted my life to this art form. Nothing is more important to me. A young artist must be willing to sacrifice and persevere. (3)Seek out the best artists to study with and learn from. Listen to recordings and attend live concerts whenever possible. (4) If you truly believe in your heart and mind, then don’t ever give up!!!”