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Saturday, January 14, 2023 7:30pm

Event Description

When do two “Fifths” make the whole world take notice? When they are Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Fifth Piano Concerto. Beethoven makes his piano solo part soar with freedom and brilliance but also shares the most tender nocturne in the delicate tension of the sublime middle movement. “Beethoven’s Fifth” is called the most well-known music in the world and has even been sent to the universe as a sound sample on the Voyager probes of the 1970s. Paired with these monumental works is a world premiere by a member of the Louisville Orchestra Creators Corps. Teddy Abrams will play and conduct the concerto from the keyboard.

Concert Program:
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5, “Emperor”
World Premiere:  Creators Corps Commission and World Premiere
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN:  Symphony No. 5

Teddy Abrams, conductor and piano

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Event Venue

Kentucky Center
501 W Main St
Louisville, 40202 United States


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