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Automation: A World Premiere presented on “Fantastique” May 13/14

Saturday, May 14, 2022 8:00pm

Event Description

Automation is a work written for cello and a newly invented instrument, the halldorophone, with orchestra. The Grammy-nominated composer, Adam Schoenberg, calls his work a “Cinematic Concerto” as it is presented on stage with a live orchestra and projected video elements that transform the soloist.

The music is initially composed by Adam Schoenberg and then by artificial intelligence. To generate the AI creation, a program titled “AGNES” (Automatic Generator Network for Excellent Songs) consumed and analyzed music written by Adam Schoenberg and then composed music based on the style and techniques of a created “Adam Schoenberg.” The music, as generated, is incorporated into Automation. The piece raises the question of whether technology or the creativity of an artist can make music that moves us.

And what’s a halldorophone?
Created by Halldór Úlfarsson in 2005, the halldorophone was most famously used in the movie score Joker by Hildur Guonadóttir. It’s a drone-based instrument that relies on electro-acoustic feedback to create sound. The musician playing the halldorophone never knows how the instrument will react as the vibrations are filtered through metal parts that also vibrate, electronics, and other distortion-producing effects. Until the instrument is paired with the majesty of the full orchestra, it is formless and lost. In the end, the work reaches for a deeply spiritual and entirely human beauty that celebrates the imperfection of life.


Concert program 

Kimani BROOKS:  STATiC  (LO-commission, World Premiere)
Adam SCHOENBERG:  Automation  (World Premiere)
Hector BERLIOZ:  Symphonie fantastique

Teddy Abrams, conductor
Yves Dhar, cello and halldorophone




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Kentucky Center
501 W Main St
Louisville, 40202 United States

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