About ALO

The Louisville Orchestra is a vital part of our city’s arts community. It’s impossible to count the number of lives that the Orchestra has touched throughout its history via paid performances, music education in the schools and collaborations with other arts organizations.

The Association of The Louisville Orchestra (ALO) is made up of volunteers who help raise needed funding to keep the music playing. Organized in 1944 as an orchestra support group, the ALO has contributed well over a million dollars in support of The Louisville Orchestra.

Our Mission

The mission of the ALO is to assist in bringing The Louisville Orchestra to the attention of the community, to broaden its base of support, to promote greater interest in symphonic music and to further music appreciation and education.

ALO members help fulfill this mission in various ways, including:

  • a là Carte Party Hosting and Assistance
  • Young Artist Competition and Music Education
  • Louisville Orchestra Concert Attendance

Become A Member:  ALO Membership Form