General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

Build and oversee effective and cooperative teams in Operations and Education

  • Oversee the Operations department, including Operations Manager, Personnel Manager, Assistant to the Music Director, Orchestra Librarian, and Stage Manager
  • Oversee the Education Manager and all Educational and Community Outreach initiatives
  • Foster a healthy and productive work environment to bring out the best in each department

Lead and support the organization’s artistic mission

  • Collaborate with the LO’s Music Director, Executive Director and staff conductors to envision and develop long-range artistic programming for all performance activities
  • Engage and communicate with the Musicians Artistic Advisory Committee to identify artistic opportunities and support the season planning process
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of all concert programs
  • Lead organization-wide communications on all artistic planning
  • Serve on board committees as required
  • Participate at appropriate institutional events and presentations

Develop, maintain, and expand the organization’s relationships with guest conductors and artists

  • Working with the Music Director and Executive Director, identify and engage top artistic talent to bring to Louisville as guest conductors or concert artists
  • Negotiate, draft, and execute all guest contracts and visas, as needed

 Support the highest production values for all LO performances

  • Develop and manage the orchestra’s season calendar
  • Key strategic person for creative problem solving with an emphasis on maximizing use of Orchestra services, alternative revenue streams, and innovative program design
  • Oversee the front of house orchestra representation at all performances
  • Negotiate, update and execute all local production contracts, including but not limited to: Kentucky Center for the Arts, Brown Theatre, IATSE, Ogle Center, and Louisville Palace Theatre

 Manage financials for Operations and Education departments

  • Develop, oversee, and update each department budget
  • Develop, oversee, and update all concert budgets
  • Manage all billing, purchase orders, and invoices for each department

 Develop and maintain healthy and constructive relationships with the LO musicians and LOMC

  • Demonstrate empathy, respect, and understanding of the musicians, listening actively and working to create an environment of exceptional music making
  • Ensure that all terms of the collective bargaining agreement are satisfied
  • Negotiate individual musician contracts and overscale as needed, balancing organization needs with musician requests
  • Collaborate with Personnel Manager on sensitive personnel matters and seek to resolve any issues that may arise
  • Participate in LO collective bargaining negotiations to ensure that the organization is both financially sustainable and artistically strong
  • Oversee the operations manager in the implementation of the orchestra audition process
  • Oversee the management and educational standards of the chamber ensembles

 Maintain relationships with other local performing groups and organizations

  • Maintain a close working relationship with the staff of the Kentucky Center for the Arts (including Brown Theatre and Paristown Pointe).
  • Represent the LO at all Kentucky Center Resident Meetings
  • Collaborate with Kentucky Opera, Louisville Ballet, and other groups as necessary to provide the artistic services of the Louisville Orchestra
  • Develop, draft, and execute performance contracts for the LO with Kentucky Opera, Louisville Ballet, and other local groups as necessary
  • Develop, draft and execute contracts for hired community engagements/runouts

Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director


The ideal candidate is an analytical thinker with the ability to compile complex information into systems and tools that can be easily understood and utilized. S/he has experience in nonprofit accounting and budgeting. S/he identifies and resolves problems in a timely fashion, develops alternative solutions, and works well in group problem-solving situations, using reason even when dealing with emotional topics.

The ideal candidate has a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite and excellent written and oral communication skills. S/he promotes a high quality of work, demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness and cost consciousness. S/he treats people with respect, inspires the trust of others, works ethically and with integrity, and upholds organizational values.


Bachelor’s Degree in arts administration, fine arts performance, or related field required.
Master’s Degree preferred.


  • 5 – 7 Years of related industry experience
  • Formal musical and business training or equivalent experience. Extensive knowledge of the classical repertoire.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience with contracts and working with talent managers
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in personnel management

Full-time, Exempt

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter including salary requirements along with your resume to:

Andrew Kipe, Executive Director

 Please, no phone calls.